Things in Jars by Jess Kidd

Things in Jars - Jess Kidd


Serial/Spree Killer Square: Bridie Devine, in looking for an abducted child uncovers a world of medical curiosities, myths come to life, and a lot of dead bodies.


This was a fun book to read but, for me, a slow starter. The rich writing kept me going. Bridie Devine is an independent woman in the Victorian era, denied a license to practice medicine, she freelances odd investigations for a friend in Scotland Yard and does her own investigations on the side as well. Her last case ended badly, a child she was meant to recover died, and in that mood she approaches a new case where a mysterious child has been stolen from a remote country estate.


It doesn't help that in the course of investigating a lead she finds herself stuck with the ghost of a recently deceased boxer, domestic assistance from a seven-foot housemaid, and is possibly seeing things due to the odd tobacco blends she's consuming.


'Things in Jars' is set in the 19th century in Bridie Devie's present and in her childhood. The writing is beautiful, which combined with the unusual elements of this world, reminded me of 'The Essex Serpent'. If you loved that book you will enjoy this one. If you thought it was a bit indulgent...well, steer clear maybe.