The Message, Animorphs #4

The Message - Katherine Applegate

This is the first book from Cassie's perspective and it was vital to hear more from her. Cassie was good friends with Rachel before becoming an Animorph, and they compliment each other in many ways. Rachel is quick to anger and eager to fight, while Cassie knows how to calm the group down, values careful planning and is often first to notice if something is wrong.


The Animorphs often meet at Cassie's because she lives on a farm well outside of town surrounded by woods and fields. Cassie's parents are both vets, her mom works at the zoo and her father works from home as an animal rehabilitator. Cassie's family has owned the farm since the Civil War and Cassie grew up hearing stories of her family's close ties to the land. Cassie's affinity for animals is given as a reason why she is a natural at morphing. She is reluctant to admit any superiority and it was nice to see Cassie grapple with becoming a leader and gain confidence during this book.


Tobias and Cassie have both had the same dream. A voice is calling to them from the ocean asking for help. is it a message they can trust? If it is what they think it is will the Controllers get there first?


The ocean mission is an early highlight of the books, with the group planning a complicated and dangerous method of getting out into the deep ocean and also be back in time for supper. This is also where the Animorphs contemplate for the first time the ethics of acquiring an animal's DNA and then suppressing that creature's mind to use the body. What is the difference between what they do and what the Yeerks are? This comes up as the group ponders morphing into dolphins for the mission.


Also, Cassie and Jake have moved into like-like territory - he has a picture of her on his desk. Awww.




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