Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom, Wayside #4

Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom - Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar returns to Wayside School with a new collection of stories about Mrs. Jewls' class of 29 students on the 30th floor.


These books were a lot of fun to read growing up and it was pretty easy to slip back into the characters. I never knew a third book had come out! The only issue is that my adult imagination is too deficient to add details, or the stories in 'Sideways' and 'Falling Down' were more fleshed out.


I mean, I know one of those "fleshed out" stories was about a frustrated janitor picking up paper and pencils from the ground outside before hauling a heavy box to the 30th floor. At the top the teacher thanks him, removes a computer, and promptly throws it out a window. The class was learning about gravity and computers are much faster than paper and pencil. Har har. It's great stuff, but I remember being able to picture each student and get a feel for their character and in this volume I'm pulling on decades-old memories and wasn't given much that was new.


Except for friendship and the metaphorical Cloud of Doom, which doesn't get more specific than that, which was...nice. We just needed a touch of Doom.


I won't share any stories from the new book. You should check it out yourself.


Wayside School


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