The Alien, Animorphs #8

The Alien (Animorphs #8) - K.A. Applegate

Wisely, Applegate gives readers a whole book from Ax's perspective after the reveal in 'Andalite's Gift' that there is something Ax is holding back from the other Animorphs.


This book relies heavily on comedy to balance out the dark revelations and history that Ax reveals. Ax is a young Andalite - roughly equivalent in years to the Animorphs - and his experience of human emotions and sensations (particularly 'taste') is played up for laughs.


It probably was funny when I was a kid, but I want them to get the heck on with the story and its really tough to wrap my head around the Yeerks not figuring out exactly who and what the Animorphs are. How many sightings have there been at the mall? Does Visser Three think its normal for Andalite Warriors to lose control of themselves at a mall? Also, when in human morph Ax notices that the girls are pretty, but not the boys, because that would be gross am I right?!


Points deducted for sheer Yeerk incompetence. The plus side is the window into Andalite society and history. They are not the utopian, wise warriors the Animorphs have been hoping to be rescued by. There was also some increased insight into Yeerk society - a controller steps out of line and offers some assistance, for a price.


Ax is bound by tradition and his people's laws, but they are very far away and the Animorphs need his help. What are his options, really?




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