Cold Storage by David Koepp

Cold Storage - David Koepp


Doomsday Square: A deadly fungus was stored and forgotten in a former government facility. Now its infecting everything it touches, can an aging government agent and two security guards contain it or is it the end of humanity?


This was an excellent bio-thriller. Koepp sets the stage by introducing the team that encounters a deadly fungus that wiped out a remote Australian hamlet. Its origin was from a piece of Skylab, which is what got the U.S. government involved, but the organism isn't extraterrestrial.


The sample taken of the fungus ends up buried deep in an obscure government facility. When that facility is sold to a private company and the subbasements buried, its existence is forgotten except by those who had encountered it thirty years before. Roberto Diaz has been waiting for this phone call.


I loved this. I haven't read a thriller in a long time, but I experienced fun echoes of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook while reading this - but the plotting, the humor, and the characters here stand out above those authors.


Roberto is joined by two security guards: temp Naomi, also a single mom, and the hapless 'Teacake', an ex-con who really, really, just wants to impress her.