The Discovery, Animorphs #20

The Discovery - Katherine Applegate

Marco is just doing his thing one day in school when he spots a new kid. Nothing special in that, of course, except this new kid has the blue box Elfangor used to give the Animorphs their powers.




The new kid is David and, after the Animorphs botch stealing the box from his house, he decides to sell the box on the internet. Visser Three must have been checking Craigslist that day because he is all about "buying" that box. Ax idenitifies it as an Escafril Device, named after the Andalite who invented morphing.


The Animorphs have little choice but to accept David as one of their own, but is he ready to be a part of the team?


This book sets up some excellent situations and it was great to see how a semi-normal guy like David would take to the high-stakes, pressure-driven, only-people-who-can-save-the-world business the Animorphs get up to.


But, as Marco points out, dude has a cat named Megadeth and pet snake named Spawn. Snakes are terrible pets, only the worst people have them (this is true, I can cite examples), but the snake is a damn cobra.


Also, those pet names are terrible.


The book ends in a cliffhanger - you should read the whole 'David' trilogy in one go - but it wasn't a problem for me.




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