The Threat, Animorphs #21

The Threat - Katherine Applegate

The mission to save the President is not going so well. The previous book ends in an epic cliffhanger (to be defeated only by the cliffhanger ending of this book) and the Animorphs are struggling to find a plan that would get them past National Security and Yeerk defenses so they can prevent the President of the United States as well as the leaders of Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany and Russia were all in jeopardy.


Unfortunately, the newest Animorph, David, keeps piling up troubling behavior. In the last book he attacked a bird in his eagle morph, just because he could. He is not a team player either. What can be done when David could potentially destroy them all and the group can't trust him anymore?



There is a major plot-drop in this trilogy, which keeps the three books of the 'David' trilogy from being perfect, but this really put the series on a different level.




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