The Suspicion, Animorphs #24

The Suspicion - Katherine Applegate

Cassie debates with Rachel about swimwear while loading her dad's truck with goods to be donated to charity. At the last minute she notices a tiny space ship, perhaps 5" long, attached to the iron pump outside her house. After a little tugging - must be magnetic - she throws it in the back.


The pump happens to be right over where Cassie has hidden the morphing cube, but that doesn't come up until later. It turns out that Cassie has interfered in Helmachron business. Helmachrons are a race of tiny, tiny aliens with enormous egos who feel it is their destiny to conquer the Yeerks, Andalites, and humanity. The book is very silly, often funny, but it doesn't gel well with the rest of the series.


This also has a weird feeling to it. It wasn't that 'The Suspicion' was mostly about a ridiculous situation, it was that the narrator, ostensibly Cassie, didn't have Cassie's voice. Except for a piece in the beginning and end where her personality asserts itself about clothes and ethics the voice was so neutral it could have been any of the Animorphs. It didn't help that there was a typo in my edition where the narrator (Cassie) says the team were headed towards "Cassie's farm". And Cassie is not Bob Dole (90s!), so....




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