The Extreme, Animorphs #25

The Extreme - Katherine Applegate

Erek has brought some disturbing news to the Animorphs, again. The Yeerks are building a base in a remote area of Earth that will allow them to use satellites to turn any contained body of water (say, a swimming pool) into a Yeerk Pool.


The location is unknown, but the Animorphs can hitch a ride with Visser Three to the base and destroy it - Chees using holograms will cover their absence from home and school. It is a non-plan, but the team goes for it, because what else can they do?


The arctic setting was a great idea, I liked the problem solving from the team, but the casual introduction of the Venber (hydrogen based aliens) as some big deal revelation and the overall simplicity of the mission made the book feel insignificant. This is also the first book to be completely ghost-written, not a good sign of things to come.




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