The Attack, Animorphs #26

The Attack - Katherine Applegate

Jake has been troubled by bad dreams of an entity suspiciously like the 'Eye of Sauron'. The only communication? 'Soon'. Jake and the Animorphs receive an explanation when the Ellimist drops in and asks them to fight on his behalf to save an entire race from extinction at the hands of the Howlers. With them will go Erek as his experience with Howlers (who had destroyed Erek's creators, the Pemalites) will be valuable. The real deal is that this is one battle in a millennia-long galactic struggle between the Ellimist and the Crayak. 


This is only one of two titles completely written by Applegate in the long stretch of ghost-written titles from #25-52 (she did also write all of the 'Megamorphs' and 'Chronicles' titles). Its bizarre, but has some unnerving elements that highlight the best of the series. The identity and true character of the 'Howlers', the symbiotic, mercantile Iskoort and their 'Legoland' home-planet, and the horrible fate of the peaceful, "Gumby-like" Graffen's Children were amazing creations. 


It just felt that for something that had been building up since the glimpse of Crayak in 'The Capture', it didn't feel like enough. Perhaps too much of a long game?




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