The Separation, Animorphs #32

The Separation - Katherine Applegate

Rachel makes an impulsive decision to acquire a starfish on a class field trip to recover an earring, and the results are disastrous.


This is a split personality story, Rachel has literally been divided in half. In one corner we have 'Mean Rachel', who is pure aggression, competitive spirit, and with no ability to think in the long-term. In the other corner we have 'Nice Rachel', who is strategic, kind, and also frightened of everything. 


We've all read or seen this kind of thing before, and it was...OK, this time around.


There was a nod to 'Beast Wars' in the text, which was funny, because Beast Wars ended up inheriting leftover designs from the failed Animorphs toy-line. I have never come across one of those in the wild, but I might have to pick one up if I do.




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