The Proposal, Animorphs #35

The Proposal - Katherine Applegate

Marco is understandably still pretty upset about the whole trying to kill his mom thing. Through all of the Animorph's tribulations he's been quick to bounce back, laugh it off, and keep going. When his father announces he's going to marry his girlfriend, Marco's math teacher, it's like the straw that broke the camel's back.


There is a TV guru gaining popularity and the Animorphs discover that not only is he promoting the sharing, he's about to get a major network television deal. This can't be allowed.


Marco's started having problems morphing, which feels like a copout from the ghostwriter, but OK, we'll go with it, and it puts the mission in jeopardy.



I won't say any more, but this one ends in a cliffhanger that does not get resolved in #36, 'The Mutation', but instead leads right into the next 'Chronicles' title: 'Visser'. 




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