Visser, Animorphs Chronicles #3, Animorphs #35.5

Animorphs: Visser - Katherine Applegate

Visser One, the highest ranking Yeerk in the galaxy short of the Council of 13, is being held under accusations of treason by Visser Three. Visser One just so happens to be the first Yeerk to visit Earth and Control a human. They also happen to inhabit Marco's mother.


The story here is an interesting diversion from the sub-standard ghost-written books, but not as interesting as previous 'Chronicles'. The point of the story appears to be making Visser One a more shaded villain instead of the cartoon shenanigans of Visser Three. Also the question is AGAIN asked of where Marco's loyalties will ultimately go. I think we all know the answer by now.


I feel a lot more could have been written from the perspective of Visser One's Yeerk companion in the early years of the Earth invasion - their viewpoint would have offered something fresh. Ah well.




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