The God Game by Danny Tobey

The God Game - Danny Tobey

Charlie and his friend Peter are messing with a bot online that has supposedly been given the attributes of God. Messing with bots is a time-honored past-time, but things get weird when after insulting the bot, it goes quiet and the next day the boys receive an invitation to 'the God Game' on their phones. How did the bot know where to contact them, what is the game? Only vague, off-putting rumors exist online about the game and the invitation tells them that winning the game makes their dreams come true, but losing costs them their lives.


So, of course, they enlist three more friends, the five of them make up a computer club and have called themselves the Vindicators for reasons including the fact that they're geeky teenagers. The Vindicators quickly immerse themselves in the game, they find it advanced and quickly start getting benefits.


The game, however, starts asking them for favors and refusing comes at a high cost.


'The God Game' has a terrific pace, really good characters, and a lot of nail-biting action. There are some great twists I didn't see coming. We spend the most amount of time with Charlie, presumably because he's white, and despite his whining and lack of effort in the game, he gets rewarded, a lot, by that game. There is some internal logic of the book that could explain this (straight white males tend to get bonuses), but I don't KNOW if this was all that intentional. Add that doubt to a lame-ass ending and I'm left with mixed feelings about the book.