Reverie by Ryan La Sala

Reverie - Ryan La Sala

Kane Montgomery was recently in a car accident that left him with burns on his head and amnesia about the last few months of his life. The circumstances of the crash have him being investigated by local police and have him viewed askance by the other kids at school.


Things start getting weird when he returns to the site of the crash with his sister and is chased by a shadowy nightmare. He's then confronted by a non-gender-conforming therapist at the police station and given clues to a vast conspiracy involving the supernatural. Finally, he discovers that along with most of his recent memories, memories of his closest friends, including one going back most of his life, have been scrubbed out of his head and the heads of his family.


What is going on?


'Reverie' is not your average teen adventure-fantasy. This is a world where reality is becoming more subjective by the day, imagined worlds are coming true with dangerous results, and all of it is more queer than you ever dreamed was possible.


This book was an absolute delight. My only complaint is that there wasn't more time spent with the reveries and how this particular bent of magic works. I want more!