Spark and the League of Ursus by Robert Repino

Spark and the League of Ursus - Robert Repino

Spark is a teddy bear sworn to protect her owner, or ursa, from the monsters that would seek to harm her. A fellow teddy instructed her in the lore surrounding the monsters that have been held at bay for decades, but has trained her hard to prepare for any monster that may show up.


Now a monster has started showing up, sniffing around the edges of the room, looking for a weakness. Spark overhears a neighborhood child has gone missing - a sure sign of a monster.With her mentor, a sock monkey and select toys of her ursa's friends, Spark must save the day.


For me this was an unfortunate misfire. The internal logic of the story kept coming apart at the edges and actual child predators appeared to be tied in to the lore by the end of the book. Not something I'd recommend.