The Arrival, Animorphs #38

Animorphs #38: The Arrival - K.A. Applegate

A new millennium dawned before this title hit shelves. Though the series will still be plagued with ghost-writers for another year, this title does rise up above the rest for its partial respect to continuity and characters.


The Animorphs are engaged in a rescue mission, a Chee has been caught infiltrating a Yeerk newspaper office and can't escape because of its safety protocols, when Visser Three appears and cackles about setting a perfect trap. Suddenly, a team of Andalite warriors appear.


Has the Andalite armada appeared! Not likely, there's a lot more books to sell first.


Ax is still an interesting perspective and we see a new side of him here because the newly arrived Andalites have a female cadet with them. There's a lot of growth for Ax and some clever tricks from the team, but it bothered me when the ghost-writer ignored some established Andalite norms in favor of a cheap lesson in gender inequality.


I'm in a negative bent, but this book wasn't bad.




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