The Other, Animorphs #40

The Other - Katherine Applegate

'The Other' is the closest we're gonna get to a queer story out of this franchise. Prove me wrong last 14 books, prove me wrong.


Anyway, what the story does do is start a conversation about those with disabilities and the importance of compassion. Marco is justifiably pissed off that Ax and Andalite culture have a really harsh stance on any physical or mental disabilities. The more we hear about the Andalites the less reason there is to view them as saving the Animorphs in the end.


The story begins with Marco seeing blurry footage of an Andalite in the forest. Is it Ax? It isn't, but with some research the team tracks down an Andalite who was shot down with his flight partner during the battle over Earth at the start of 'Invasion'. 


The primary reason why these Andalites haven't made contact with the Andalite home fleet or been out to fight against the Yeerks is because of the permanent injury one of the warriors underwent. The devotion of the "whole" Andalite to his "vecol" partner leads him to be apart from the rest of Andalite society. The portrait the ghost writer offers of the well-appointed home of the confirmed bachelor hu-man identity of the Andalite was welcome and obvious gay subtext.


The plot itself was negligible, but eh.




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