The Familiar, Animorphs #41

The Familiar - Katherine Applegate

In this volume, Jake wakes up in a room that's not his own, a mix between a cold-water flat and Bruce Willis' apartment from 'The Fifth Element'. The only clothes he has are orange jumpsuits. In the mirror he realizes he's all grown up.


What's happened?


Jake discovers that ten years have passed and the Yeerks have won. The land is devastated, everyone who isn't a fit host is relegated to an early death in the sewers and the Yeerks are poised to make their domination complete with a device that will turn the Moon into a Kandrona-ray generating satellite. 


There are also cameos from all our favorite characters.


This is another placeholder for a book that advances the plot - the ending hints at another meddlesome group that may have cards to play in the coming showdown.




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