The Test, Animorphs #43

The Test - Katherine Applegate

Tobias is bothered by all the perceived special treatment he thinks he receives from the others because of the whole torture thing.


He's totally over it, but isn't.


Coincidentally 'The Test' features a callback to to 'The Illusion' in the form of psychotic Yeerk torturer, Taylor. She approaches the group, rescues Tobias after a heist goes bad, and tells them she is part of the resistance now. The group doesn't buy it, but she offers them a chance to attack the Yeerk Pool and its too good an offer to examine too closely.


The series keeps fighting with itself to produce gross-out moments, but the Taxxon morph as described here comes pretty close.


I appreciated this Tobias book's approach to Tobias as more than an opportunity to explore how much being a hawk is both awesome and sad. Cassie has another mental break which we probably won't talk about ever again. Seriously, these kids get really good at repressing their experiences. Or, the ghost writers are that sloppy.




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