The Deception, Animorphs #46

The Deception - Katherine Applegate

Well, that escalated quickly. FINALLY the series is getting on a roll with the alien invasion. Visser Three has been promoted to Visser One and, with a new toady as Visser Two, nothing stands in his way to escalate the Yeerk Invasion and defeat the 'Andalite Bandits' who've been such a thorn in his side.


Unfortunately, Ax, with a little help, has developed a way to monitor some encrypted Yeerk transmissions. The new intelligence arrives in time for the team to foil a mission that would bring about World War Three! Only a mad man would antagonize China....


That got a little real.


Anyway, the book is great and has Ax come out of 'Prince' Jake's shadow long enough to create a new dynamic to the team and show off some more of the rough edges the Animorphs' friendships have been developing.




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