The Resistance, Animorphs #47

The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47) - K.A. Applegate

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Ken Burns was the ghost writer of this installment.


Jake must pause his leadership of the Animorphs one morning when his mother orders him to clean out the basement. So far, so good. However, things go sideways when he discovers the box left for him by his great grandfather. It contains a Union uniform from the Civil War and several other items, including a journal. The book, swear to God, alternates between Jake and some distant relative in the past. The Animorphs are dealing with some serious stuff, planning a way to keep the Hork-Bajir in their new home, or at least alive and free, and we have to sit through some nonsense about the American Civil War?


We didn't need this.




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