The Ultimate, Animorphs #50

The Ultimate - Katherine Applegate

The war is expanding far beyond the scope the six Animorphs are able to cope with. The answer is recruitment, but who can they trust, especially after their failure with David?


The answer is to go after other kids like themselves, but those who the prejudiced Yeerks would never suspect. The Animorphs approach children in a ward for the permanently disabled. Cassie raises good objections to this plan, but ultimately the group goes forward.


Two big problems: the morphing technology will heal anyone who has a condition that isn't genetic in origin so some of the children are no longer disabled, which is great, however, they become the lieutenants of the auxiliary Animorphs? Woof. The other problem has to do with how, down the line, these characters just get tossed aside. We never get to know them beyond this volume. They are a part of the war moving forward, but the scope gets larger so fast these 17 new Animorphs get lost.


And then Cassie does something...stupid. Still, the plot moves forward to the end, finally.




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