The Sacrifice, Animorphs #52

The Sacrifice (Animorphs, #52) - Katherine Applegate

Ax has long been torn about his loyalty to Prince Jake and the other Animorphs and his own people, the Andalites. It's revealed Ax has been in communication with the Andalite military High Command, and its official: the Andalites are not coming.


This information would be devastating to the other Animorphs and to the other members of the resistance. At the same time Yeerk tactics have come out into the open with Yeerk-controlled members of the military herding people from their homes and vehicles to the Yeerk pool via the subway in broad daylight.


Is it time for the Animorphs to target the pool itself and actually follow through on it, despite the moral implications? Guerrilla tactics must give way to high strategy and Jake realizes they must take a chance and get in touch with government and military forces and work together on their offense. The governor, having broadcast her warning to the public, has not been seen since and can no longer be counted on as an ally.


This book was really good, though Rachel has devolved into a violent cartoon, because new options appear for the Animorphs as violence and casualties escalate.




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