After Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry

After Me Comes the Flood - Sarah Perry

This book is due for an American release, but since it was published in the UK in 2014, I'm publishing the review now.


Drought grips London and the surrounding country and John decides to visit his brother on the coast. Before long his car overheats and John idly wanders into the nearby woods and happens upon an old brick house. The residents there have been expecting him, and even greet him by name.


Most of the book keeps up this great feeling of suspense - John feels like an imposter, but is unable to own up to his deception - the people of the house invite him into their interior lives and the narrative breaks from John to give most of the residents a chance to recap their history and how they came to the house.


As a reader sometimes it is difficult to tell if a book was unsatisfying because of some oversight on my part or on the part of the author. There were times when the narrative voice changing felt jarring and was occasionally unclear. At the same time the characters made sense in the hazy summer heat-stricken world of the novel.


I enjoyed Perry's other two novels, but this one left me with doubts.