The Darkwood Mask, Inquisitives #4 by Jeff LaSala

The Darkwood Mask - Jeff LaSala

Tallis breaks into a high-security residential tower in Korth intent on stealing as many of the spell scrolls he's been hired to procure as he can carry, as well as any other loose valuables for himself, when he finds himself witness to a political assassination. A single assassin strikes down nine people in minutes, including two young children, leaving Tallis fingered for the crime.


Soneste is an inquisitive with a reputation on the rise. She has recently been involved in two high-profile cases in Sharn so is unsurprised when she is summoned into her agency's office and finds she has been requested for a special case. It turns out to be a commission from the Brelish crown to investigate the death of an ambassador in Karrnath. All she has to do is use her skills to find the killer and she can leave the rest to the Karrnathi government. It sounds simple.


LaSala does a wonderful job invoking the setting and working with its darker elements. Korth is the oldest city in Khorvaire and the capital of Karrnath. Karrnath survived the Last War by throwing its lot in with necromancers, and its culture, including a prominent religion, are centered on the undead and harsh laws. There was little question as to who was behind the murders, the mystery centers on the why. This was a brisk read and a worthy addition to any Eberron shelf.


The Inquistives


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