Network Effect, Murderbot Diaries #5 by Martha Wells

Network Effect - Martha Wells

This was an absolute delight. I know I'm behind the curve, the Murderbot Diaries have been enthralling readers since 2017, but I'd never picked one up until this arc crossed my path.


Set far in the future or else in a galaxy far, far away, our hero is Murderbot, a SecUnit (security unit) who has hacked his software so that he's free to make it's own choices. It's personality is often caustic, it's humor black, and is really good at it's job. Humanity is spread across the galaxy making use of wormhole technology and divided into many corporate and republic entities. This is the fifth entry in the series, but I had no trouble following. The author made every effort to make this book a true standalone without being heavy-handed with the exposition. There are a lot of terms and characters that make themselves known at a good pace.


I'm hoping a print edition comes out soon collecting the novellas. 'Network Effect' had a terrific plot and great characters. It was sufficiently unrealistic media.


Murderbot Diaries


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