Barbie's Adventures at Camp by Carl Memling

Barbie's Adventures at Camp - Carl Memling, Burmah Burris

This is an unobjectionable picture book. Well, it would be if it weren't so forgettable. A picture book has ~30 or so pages to impress a story, a moral, or images on a young reader, and this one fails to inspire anything but faint confusion. The book launches into three pretty girls - I think one is sleepy, one has glasses and the other is 'lively' - arriving at camp and loving their Junior Counselor, Barbie. Right away the lively one, Kim, gets into trouble and wanders away, which she proceeds to do at every opportunity. Barbie is scolded for losing her charge and so spends the majority of her time taking care of this girl. The other two, sleepy and glasses, grow resentful at their apparent neglect, and hatch a plan to get attention.


I'm not sure what the lesson is - it may have been don't forget those who don't demand your attention, but Kim's "special" skills sort of save the day in the end. So those girls should have been fine with unequal attention?


It's all beyond me. The only tie-in with the brand was a weird letter Barbie writes to Midge that literally ends with "Have you seen Ken?"