Christina's Ghost by Betty Ren Wright

Christina's Ghost - Betty Ren Wright

Christina and her little sister are excited to spend the summer with their grandmother again. It means freedom, farm breakfasts, and cozy memories. Unfortunately, their grandmother has become suddenly ill, and with their parents away in Alaska, there's no place for them to go but with their aunt and uncle. Their aunt takes Christina's little sister with her to town, but has no room for another girl. That leaves Christina alone with moody Uncle Ralph who doesn't like tomboys and was looking forward to a summer by himself house-sitting for a friend.


I had little memory of this one, but in the opening pages of the book there's a scene where Christina is car sick and the description brought a lot of the book back to me.


The ghosts are a little boy in a sailor suit who was murdered in the 1950s along with his tutor who was implicated in the theft of postage stamps. Why is it always a stamp collection?


This is quick book to read and the haunting is pretty mild - even milder than in 'The Dollhouse Murders'. The best part of it is Christina's awakening to female liberation. Attempting research on the house she's staying in after hearing about a past murder, she runs across a sexist newspaper editor and after another comment from Uncle Ralph about her bluejeans or something she declares: "I'm glad I can't cook! And I'm gonna have a career!"


It's amazing. Uncle Ralph isn't bad, by the way, he just wants to be left alone and warms up to Christina for being who she is.