Taint of the Black Brigade, Abraxis Wren #2, by Paul Crilley

Taint of the Black Brigade: Chronicles of Abraxis Wren, Book 2 - Paul Crilley

When a routine protection job in Wroat goes wrong and Lyra is set up as a murderer, there's only one person she can turn to: Abraxis Wren. 


Lyra and Wren have a complicated history and neither of them wants to see the other. However, Lyra is desperate to clear her name and Wren has had no interesting cases since the 'Night of Long Shadows' so they set off with Torin to investigate.


This time around Crilley's humor was better, not quite as shrill, and the author made a real attempt to soften Wren's edges. There were moments of reflection and compassion from him towards starving children, for example - when no one was around to see it - and the history of his and Lyra's relationship revealed a lot about his character.


A sequel to 'Night of Long Shadows', part of the 'Inquisitives' series of standalone Eberron novels, this showed a lot of growth for the writer. The mystery itself was a bit eh, but I liked the riddles, even if only one was solvable by the reader.


Abraxis Wren


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