Farewell, my wood-paneled lovely

It should go without saying, but it feels weird to walk away without some acknowledgment. If only as a benchmark for when I come back after the site rises gloriously under new management and I can plug in all my new reviews....sigh.


I fled Goodreads later than many, but this was a better home than I could have dreamed of. I loved the games, the sense of community, and the freedom to talk and read not just about books, but everything from the news, memes, our lives...anything at all. Thank you all for that.


I've made the mistake of deleting-and-walking before from online communities, but I want to keep up with what everyone's reading, so here's where I'll be:




I couldn't escape Amazon completely, so I've been keeping my reviews backed up at LibraryThing for awhile now, and will post new reviews there and what I'm reading. Cataloging is a DREAM on that site.




I've made a new account on GR and will follow group discussions in the Outpost, but I won't be posting reviews there. I went through and followed everybody who's already a member (I think) last week, but follow back/friend me, please! I want my feed on GR to be as much like here as possible.


Thanks again, everyone!


Edit: There's a dozen or so reviews through the end of the year that I have scheduled, I probably won't delete them. So, don't be startled.