The Invisibles, Vol. 1: Say You Want a Revolution

The Invisibles, Vol. 1: Say You Want a Revolution - Steve Yeowell, Grant Morrison, Jill Thompson, Dennis Cramer

The Invisibles are those who resist the stagnation of outside-this-world conspirators, whose goal is the ultimate suppression of individuality - mostly I thought of the Auditors of Reality from Discworld with the added bonus of sexual fetishism. 'Say You Want a Revolution' collects the first eight issues of the series, but I read 'Bloody Hell in America' first - and that was better. This one gains points only for contextualizing the characters for me.

The story centers on the recruitment of an awful boy to the side of the Invisibles. He's special, so he escapes lobotomization and there's some Matrix-ish initiation plot to go through - I don't care if this one was first, what I care about is I saw the other one a gillion times before I ever heard of this.

The second part gets a little more complicated and follows Shelley and Byron around, and we tour the '100 Days of Sodom' (which was accurate enough to be boring) and we end up...its a setup arc, its not going to go very far.

One other thing: for such a bold, breaking the mold kind of book the art was blah. Conspiracy theorists should like it, but the one conspiracy nut who likes comics doesn't give a damn about the title, so take that for what its worth.




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