The Capture, Animorphs #6

The Capture - Katherine Applegate

We've come full circle and we've come back to Jake as our narrator. The Animorphs have learned a lot in the last few weeks (!) and struck some blows against the Yeerks, but the wear and tear is beginning to show. I mean, these are five kids (and a alien) still in middle school and they are alone against a sophisticated alien empire.


But, they can turn into animals, soooo, they're gonna win? Maybe?


Jake's brother Tom is a controller and seems to be moving up in their ranks. By checking his phone calls - with redial! - Jake has determined that there is a plan involving a new hospital and the mayor's office coming to fruition. The Animorphs have to risk spying on a meeting of 'the Sharing' (the front group for Yeerk youth recruitment) to find out the details.


The group lands a victory, but only by the skin of their teeth and at a great price. The back cover gives the shocker away, but I won't talk about it. It involves the Animorphs displaying excellent team-work and the long-term benefit is more knowledge of the Yeerks as a species and an invader.




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