The Exposed, Animorphs #27

The Exposed (Animorphs, #27) - Katherine Applegate

Rachel and Cassie are at the mall when they witness a problem. Erek, their Chee ally, appears to be frozen in front of The Gap. Worse, his hologram is flickering, revealing his true dog-like, android form. Working quickly, they rescue Erek, but his malfunction is shared by all Chee. Most are safely hidden away, but one is in a secure facility and is sure to be discovered by a Yeerk unless the Animorphs locate the hidden Pemalite ship that can broadcast a signal to fix the Chee's malfunctioning software.


The only problem is that the ship is three miles underwater, and they only have eight hours.


This book was alright. It had a well executed plan with some unforeseen hiccups (of course!). I liked the gags about Pemalite culture: such as when the Animorphs receive the security code for the ship (6) and their reactions to the on-board computer's interjections. There is some minimal connection with the Crayak, but I'm not too interested in any more non-Yeerk flunkies.




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