The Change, Animorphs #13

The Change (Animorphs #13) - K.A. Applegate

Tobias has mostly come to terms with being trapped in his hawk body. It's a hard life - even with human intelligence - living in the wild. He makes use of his time in surveillance missions and yet still feels as if he doesn't contribute enough to the other Animorphs.


When showing Rachel, whom he's still closest to, what he's learned about Controller movements Tobias finds himself and Rachel in a different part of the forest. Any attempts to turn around lead to redirection. Something is directing Tobias' movements and the results make for the most moving book yet.


Freedom. This is what the book narrows down to and finally provides some perspective on the fearsome Hork-Bajir. Though fearsome, with their great size, natural blades and horns, and ubiquity as Yeerk shock-troops, readers know that the Hork-Bajir were once a peaceful race before being conquered by the Yeerks. Readers finally get a picture of what a free Hork-Bajir means.


Despite the Ellimist of it all, I really enjoyed this book. Maybe those meddlers can be worked into the story without completely irritating me. I should be reading 'Andalite Chronicles', but despite my intention to read in publication order my sister insisted I hold off because of a 'spoiler' for a much later book. How can it be a spoiler if the 'Chronciles' was published over a year before? But, fine. Keeping my review links in publication order for posterity's sake lol.




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