The Warning, Animorphs #16

The Warning - Katherine Applegate

Objectively, this one should score way higher than it does. It has many hallmarks of the series: dated '90s references, absurd heists, and horrific violence. By the end I just saw a lot of wasted opportunity for the team and lots of wasted effort. The problem is that the Animoprhs really don't notice.


Jake searches for Yeerks on the internet for kicks and is shocked to discover a website devoted to exposing their menace. Included is descriptions of a chatroom and even, charmingly, a chat log. There are numerous people talking about the problem and sharing series, some obviously Controllers. Thinking this could mean more allies for the Animorphs, Jake decides the team needs to travel to WAA headquarters and hack the mainframe and discover who the chatters really are.


The internet is about to become serious business.


Dial-up internet seems a lifetime ago. So do chatrooms. Marco's pride in his father's 56k modem being slapped down by Ax's Andalite arrogance was pretty funny.


Without getting into too many spoilers, the mission to infiltrate the headquarters of the internet doesn't come without glitches. Lots of casual maiming, gruesome near-deaths in morphs, cannibalism, online sexual predators and non-existent airport security awaits the reader here!




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