The Escape, Animorphs #15

The Escape (Animorphs #15) - K. A. Applegate

"If you're looking for me, better check under the sea, 'cause that is where you'll find me, underneath the SeaLab, underneath the water...seaaaa laaab.




Marco and Jake are contacted by Erek, their Chee friend, who gives them intel on suspicious Yeerk activity on a remote island off the coast. Around under the island is more precise.


The scope and resources of the Yeerk Empire on display in this volume, as is there complete lack of competence. How have they conquered so many planets already? Urgh. Anyway, taking the books in the spirit they're offered, its pretty scary. There are a LOT of Yeerks out there and many, many plans for conquest up in the air. A new species, the Leerans, have psychic powers and the presence of just one Leeran controller could mean the end of the Animorphs' secret. An army of hammerhead sharks may be just what is needed to conquer a distant, watery planet.


There is some Marco mama-drama of course, but otherwise this book is more of a showcase for how awesome Rachel is. I totally see her becoming a cold-blooded killing machine before the end of the series.


My memories are pretty patchy about this series, but moving forward I'm definitely in new territory (except for the 'Andalite Chronicles').




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