In the Time of the Dinosaurs, Megamorphs #2, Animorphs #18.5

In the Time of Dinosaurs (Animorphs Megamorphs, 2) - Katherine A. Applegate

Marco of all people comes up with the idea that the Animorphs step in and help a search team find and rescue the crew of a lost nuclear submarine.


Before you know it, the Animorphs are caught up in another Sarian Rip! No spoiler alert needed seeing as how the book is called 'In the Time of the Dinosaurs', and as great and subtle a writer as Applegate has turned out to be, she wasn't working with that level of metaphor in the '90s. The Animorphs go back in time some 65 million years, but its not what you may expect.


They encounter two alien races, the Mercora and the Nesk, as well as many species of dinosaurs. This is a great adventure, it showcases some high level of teamwork between team members when they get separated, and for some reason there are some side-effects to morphing in the past.


I love a good time travel adventure and seeing Cassie show off her survival skills was especially entertaining.




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