The Departure, Animorphs #19

The Departure - Katherine Applegate

Cassie has been a difficult one, she raises the questions that get in the way of the simple narrative of Animorphs vs. Yeerks. Cassie sees the grey areas and, in her words, believes that all life is sacred.


This book gets to the heart of Cassie's dilemma as a fighter and a preserver of life. It is the first nearly perfect Animorphs novel. She must make a decision about what it means to be an Animorph, if the personal costs are worth the reward, and confront the enemy for the first time in realistic terms. I was surprised by Aftran.


In the end the series still has to hold to the heist narratives and wrap most things up by the end of 160 pages, which means I should deduct a point or three, but I just can't. There was a battle in the beginning fifty feet from unsuspecting humans and nobody noticed despite the dying hork-bajir. There was one other major question concerning Karen, but this was amazing, so I'll just go with it.




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