The Decision, Animorphs #18

The Decision - Katherine Applegate

The Animorphs set out to block the Yeerk's acquisition of a high-ranking Secret Service agent, but are confronted by Visser Three himself in a morph that disturbs Ax. A follow up mission ends up sending the Animorphs to a distant part of the galaxy in the frontlines of another confrontation between Yeerk forces and the Andalites.


Most of this book is spent outside of Earth, the mechanics of what happened are never really explained, but the reader can and should just go with it. The story is a lot of fun.


The most important thing is that the Animorphs all come face to face with the broader Andalite culture and Ax's own eyes are opened to the realities of his people's politics and the dangerous inroads the Yeerks have made outside of Earth. The exploration of Leeran culture is interesting, and time will tell if it pays off.




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