The Pretender, Animorphs #23

The Pretender - Katherine Applegate

Tobias is having a tough go of it as a hawk. A new red-tail has moved into his territory and Tobias is unwilling to get into the necessary conflict. In the meantime, the two birds can't get enough to eat, and Rachel accidentally observes Tobias eating roadkill.


Meanwhile, a young Hork-Bajir has wondered out of the protected valley and all fear the worst. The Animorphs come up with a plan to rescue him, but things are complicated when Rachel overhears Chapman questioning his daughter about whatever happened to that boy Tobias. A lawyer is looking for him. A cousin has come home from abroad and wants to make a home for him.


Tobias is one of the most interesting characters in the series and its a shame that his books were alternated with Ax's so there are not as many of them. Tobias' longing for a place to belong is touching and his conversation with Rachel is heartbreaking. We're not even close to the end and readers have to know there's going to be no happy endings. These kids are screwed up forever.


But, baby bunnies!




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