Elfangor's Secret, Megamorphs #3, Animorphs #29.5

Elfangor's Secret - Katherine Applegate

I can usually get down with a good time travel story, but this was so, so, not good. This is the third time travel story for the Animorphs. I really enjoyed the goofy science and temporal mayhem of 'The Forgotten' and the previous Megamorphs 'In the Time of the Dinosaurs', by the way, but this was too much to handle.


Applegate makes a real effort to describe life conditions of the time periods (especially filthy, filthy Agincourt) and how reality differs from myth (Washington crossing the Delaware), but the story was just a mess.


I still don't care about the 'Drode', who exists only because Applegate didn't think about how immovable her off-brand Sauron 'Crayak' was. She needed to invent a lackey, but, he was irritating. And where was the Ellimist? I never thought I'd miss him.


It's a shame, because there are very few Applegate-written Animorphs books left, and this one is the worst so far.




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