The Prophecy, Animorphs #34

The Prophecy - Katherine Applegate

This serves as a good follow-up to 'The Hork-Bajir Chronicles'. The Animorphs are summoned to the hidden Hork-Bajir colony because an Arn, the race that created the Hork-Bajir, has appeared asking for help. Toby, the Hork-Bajir seer, wants to hear the Animorph's advice on the matter.


The Arn introduces himself and explains that he is the last of his kind. He had heard of the free colony and found it, by ways and means, so he could offer the Hork-Bajir a chance to retake their home world from the Yeerks.


The plan is dangerous and involves resurrecting Aldrea to find a cache of weapons to get the Hork-Bajir started. Of course, the Animorphs are in.


Cassie's role was interesting and, again, pitch-perfect for the themes of her books. I've gotta love that heroic morphing of hers and giving an Andalite's perspective of it confirms it. I did not love the 'Phantom Menace' reference. It is NOT cool Marco. You've totally blown your cover as a middle school boy.




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