The Hidden, Animorphs #39

The Hidden - Katherine Applegate

People merely acquainted with the series may remember David, the short-time 7th member of the Animorphs team. People do NOT remember the 8th member of the Animorphs, a water buffalo.


The morphing cube is the target of another attack from the Visser's high-powered science team. It tracks morphing energy and therefore quickly gets a bead on the location of the cube (why was this cube's energy signature not a problem when the whirlwind monster from 'Andalite's Gift' was tracking them down by their morphing energy?). The team reacts swiftly, but the cube gives a water buffalo the power to morph and, of course, Cassie has to be traumatized by it.


The upside is that the buffalo goes along on some mini-missions, but let's just say he doesn't get a viewpoint book in the future.


Bizarre, nonsensical, and terrifying, but funny.




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